Two Minute Tip: Creating a Realistic Drop-Shadow in Photoshop

Two Minute Tip: Creating a Realistic Drop-Shadow in Photoshop

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In this tutorial Nicole demonstrates how to add a realistic drop-shadow to a person using Photoshop.



  1. u stupid bitch, ughhh. u didnt even explain well, after u see a tutorial
    you shouldn’t have to re-watch a fukin 2minute tip 8-20 times!!! I should
    be able to say ooohhh i get it, and we need cs6!!

  2. Great! Thank you for the help. Quick and to the point, unlike most

  3. Hi Nicole! Thank you so much for this amazingly SIMPLE and FAST tutorial. I
    GOT MY ANSWER AT MINUTE MARK 1:09!!! I usually waste so much precious time
    trying to sift through so much tutorial “talk,” having nothing to do with
    the tutorial presented (bless them,) trying to get to the answer I’m
    looking for. BUT, your tutorial was exactly what I needed–I just had to
    let you know, and say “Thank YOU” for your time, talent and for
    understanding the professional communities “need for speed” 😉 I use CS6
    and this works like a charm! p.s. Take heart! Remember who your audience
    is and try not to get discouraged! We who make a living by using Photoshop
    need more trainers just like you—less talk and more quick
    problem-solving. Keep going, girl! I’m subscribed!

  4. I’m gonna do this so I can out Steph Curry in Jurassic World.

  5. Very quick and easy to learn. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for the help :)

  7. this dude stole your vid Tutorial Two Minute Tip Creating a Realistic Drop
    Shadow in Photoshop

  8. Thanks for your help

  9. Great tutorial. You saved me valuable time, Nicole!

  10. Thank you very much

  11. thanks a lot mam….this is very helpful…

  12. I’m using CS 5.5, great video helps me a lot. Thanks

  13. yay!! thanks Nicole. this is great. 

  14. Hey , Nicole S. Young .. I want to tell something… how can i crop? hehe..

  15. I don’t have a create layer, I just have a create layer style and when I
    click it it gets rid of my drop shadow I just made

  16. Nice vdo.. good effort madam! !

  17. Quick and staight to the point . thansk for it .


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