Photoshop CC Manipulation Photo Effects Tutorial | Change Background and blending

Photoshop CC Manipulation Photo Effects Tutorial | Change Background and blending

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  1. Photoshop CC Manipulation Photo Effects Tutorial | Change Background and

  2. Nice job! Next time you should use the brush for layer mask (it will take a
    bit more but I will looks better) and read more about perspective.

  3. *Awesome works thank you for sharing! I enjoy photography a lot and which
    I had your skills to work in Photoshop like that.*

  4. Perspective & scale are wrong.Interface between columns and sky poorly
    selected. What is the boy sitting on?

  5. I don’t want to sound rude, but in my honest opinion you are not good
    enough to be giving off tutorials. The perspective and composition of the
    overall piece is way off. The blending is also poorly done. The mountain in
    the background was cut in half, the guy lost a thumb and you can clearly
    see very rough traces of where manipulation happened.

  6. Wonderful tutorial, i like this video.

  7. Awful tutorial. This idiot just tries to show WHAT he did, not HOW he did
    it. You pick up some things like gradient exposure, but this is a shitty
    way to do a tutorial…oh, and one more thing, SPEAK MOTHERF*******, unless
    you’re dumb. It’ll make your stupid fumbling a bit bearable. And PRACTICE
    first next time, saves us a lot of time where we have to look at you
    scratching at your balls while you wonder what to do next.

  8. actualy hard to follow what your doing! assumption is the mother of all
    fuck ups.

  9. Check out my first self made t-shirt design.
    Please share your thoughts 🙂
    cheers :)

  10. Hi what is this music? thank you very much

  11. I like your tutorial but the files have been removed :-(

  12. Excellent manipulation my friend, congratulations.

  13. ARUN KUMAR what is the song in the background?? please reply!

  14. im a newbie in photoshop and is really hard for me following you without
    explaining every step

  15. I like things explained. You are assuming that people know what each tool
    is for. This tutorial is not very helpful although I appreciate the good
    intentions. Maybe if you explained as you go… 

  16. Can you please send the background image link that you used? 

  17. Mr. Arun kumar please give me background :)

  18. Please add some audio, else will be difficult to follow the steps for a
    beginner like me.

  19. Why is there no spoken explanation, that would make this tutorial much

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